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General Information
1. Can BIPTrack monitor academic and therapy goals?

Yes, BIPTrack can monitor multiple goal sets simultaneously and can be added retroactively. Goal sets can be categorized (ex: Academic, IEP, Physical, General, etc.). Each set can contain goals that are directly tracked as a Goal Trackables, or they can be aligned to other data Trackables and Programs that are already assigned to a client.

2. Who does BIPTrack benefit?

BIPTrack empowers behavior analysts, therapists, paraprofessionals, administrators, teachers, and parents with proven, efficient tools that scale to fit their needs.

3. Is BIPTrack HIPAA compliant?

Yes, BIPTrack is a flexible, HIPAA-compliant, multi-level, role-based user-authenticated environment with encrypted storage. BIPTrack minimizes risk and liability by creating a secure environment to warehouse private client information.

4. What types of data collection are available is BIPTrack?

BIPTrack's behavioral, skill acquisition, and task analysis tracking capabilities enables users to collect a wide range of data types. Users can build their own trackables and programs or customize those provided in the integrated library to fit any data-tracking need.

Data collection includes:
Skill Acquisition Programs, Task Analysis Programs, IEP Goal Data, Self Evaluations, Behaviors to Reduce, Behaviors to Increase, ABC Data, Reinforcement Rewards, Duration(s), Frequency / Interval Data, Rubric, % Independence, Yes / No, and More!

5. What library content is available within BIPTrack?

Our library of customizable behavior trackables, academic trackables, skill acquisition programs, and task analysis programs allow you to launch a new client within minutes.

6. Can we schedule a demonstration of BIPTrack?

Yes, free, live demonstrations are available upon request. Please contact us for more information and to schedule a time for your demo. You can also sign-up for a free trial of BIPTrack in our fully-functional sandbox environment.

Click here to request a live demonstration. or Click here to begin your free trial in the BIPTrack Sandbox.

7. Can we try BIPTrack prior to purchasing a subscription?

Yes, you can register for a free trial in our BIPTrack Sandbox Environment.

The BIPTrack Sandbox comes pre-loaded with simulated clients and their historical behavioral and skill tracking data and reports. The system also includes simulated accounts for supervisors, behavior analysts, and parents with the ability to easily switch between each user perspective. Every Sandbox trial is personal and fully functional. A Walkthrough Guide is included to get you started.

Click here for more information and to begin your free trial in the BIPTrack Sandbox.

8. How much does BIPTrack cost?

BIPTrack is subscription based and cost is broken-down by client per month. Please refer to our BIPTrack Pricing page for actual cost information. Volume discounts are available upon request.

Click here for more information.

1. I forgot my password, what do I do?

Please use the "Reset Password" link on the login page, or click here to reset your password.

2. What user roles are available in BIPTrack?

BIPTrack has pre-defined user roles for Supervisors (Primary), Supervisors, Case Managers, Behavioral Therapists, School Staff, and Parents. Each role comes with a customizable set of permissions when accessing client information and application features.

3. As a parent, can I use BIPTrack to manage all of the behavioral and academic information surrounding my child without sharing it with everyone with access to my child?

Yes, all resources uploaded into BIPTrack are held ins a secure environment, allowing you to fully control who has access to documentation, assessments, etc.

1. What devices is BIPTrack compatible with?

BIPTrack is compatible with any device with a web browser and internet connection. Offline data tracking is supported on all devices.

2. Will BIPTrack work on Chrome Books?

Yes, BIPTrack is compatible with any device with a web browser and internet connection. Offline data tracking is supported on all devices. Using your Google ID as your login on Chrome Books offers easy, one-click sign-ons.

3. Can I use my social media account as my login into BIPTrack?

Yes, you can use your Google ID or Facebook id as your login into BIPTrack.